East Yorkshire and Derwent Area Ramblers

walking to protect our local countryside

Waymark sign The network of footpaths in our area has improved enormously thanks to the efforts of RA members and volunteers both past and present who have taken the trouble to report problems which they or others have encountered and to follow up the results. Our footpath teams are also involved in practical work helping to keep the paths walkable. Like the Countryside Agency, we aim "to have all known public rights of way useable" in our area.

If you have a problem on a path, do you wonder if the last person trying to use the same path had the same problem? Such things as missing signposts, poor way-marking, stiles and bridges which are either missing or in bad repair, paths overgrown or blocked with barbed wire, or rights of way in fields obstructed by ploughing or crops can all spoil an otherwise pleasant walk.

You can volunteer to become involved with footpaths work in a variety of ways. Why not become a Footpaths Surveyor? Have a word with your Group Secretary.
Please take action!

If you encounter any such problems whilst out walking, we urge you to report these problems either to the relevant Highway Authority - for HERE a list . Send a copy of your correspondence to the Ramblers), or to an appropriate Ramblers' Footpath Officer, so that the matter can be taken up with the local authority for the benefit of future users.

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