East Yorkshire and Derwent Area Ramblers

walking to protect our local countryside

In early 2016 ERYC’s Countryside Access Manager asked for Ramblers’ assistance in maintaining the rights of way network.

Beverley Footpaths maintenance teamTasks envisaged were low level unsupervised work e.g. removing overhanging /encroaching hedging: knocking down bramble/nettles/overgrowth etc. replacing finger posts and signs: repairing gates and stiles: replacing faded/removed arrows: fitting new hand rails to bridges. Most of the work to be generated as a result of Ramblers reports, parish path surveys and information from the public.

Beverley and Pocklington Groups recruited sufficient volunteers to create respective teams, being able to start their work in April and continuing to date once or twice each month. Enthusiasm and commitment from volunteers ensured a lot was achieved during these initial months.

An example of a project with a community and paths network benefit is as follows:

The Howdenshire Way created in 1989 as a recreational challenge walk of 16 miles, connects several Howden villages. In late June a member of the public complained about path conditions. ERYC asked Ramblers if they would survey it and suggest improvement actions. Promptly done, resulting in thirty five remedial actions, all completed within a week, including installing or resetting 18 posts in one day.

Of significance is that part of this trail is on an overgrown green lane. According to ERYC’s Definitive Map Manager it carried no recorded public rights whatsoever. Fortunately, the creator of the trail has maintained a record of persons completing it and requesting a certificate. This information will greatly assist a claim for it to be added to the Definitive Map before the 2026 cut off.

As Beverley and Pocklington volunteers are now undertaking path maintenance it is hoped all members when walking in the East Riding will report footpath problems to the Local Authority.

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(Photos courtesy of Beverley and Pocklington Groups)

Aug 2016

English Coast Path

20170401 141652Way mark posts on the coastal sections of the Cleveland Way now indicate it is part of 'The English Coast Path'