East Yorkshire and Derwent Area Ramblers

walking to protect our local countryside

Following a request for volunteers, the Beverley and Pocklington Groups have now set up Footpath Teams to carry out projects and maintenance on rights of way across the East Riding of Yorkshire area. Operating in close liaison with ERYC's Countryside Officers they will carry out work as requested from ERYC or, identify projects for approval by ERYC.

BugthorpeBeverley Footpaths maintenance team

April 25th and 28th were the respective start dates for Pocklington and Beverley. With photographs as proof,  the Chairs from each group demonstrated their support by weighing in with a bit of muscle!

It would be helpful if all walkers, espicially Leaders reported footpath problems to ERYC [on line or by 'phone]. In that way our volunteers could be alerted and hopefully assist in rectifying defects etc.

English Coast Path

20170401 141652Way mark posts on the coastal sections of the Cleveland Way now indicate it is part of 'The English Coast Path'