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2026 - Restoring the Record of Rights of Way

How often on OS maps do you see rights of way abruptly stopping at a stream or, field boundary or, grey marks showing a footpath or track that is not coloured as a right of way or, a 'white road', not knowing whether it is public. Lastly, walking by an attractive green lane that is not shown as a public path. Chances are that all these are examples of lost rights of way.

The cut off point of 31st December 2025 gets closer for us to submit applications to restore lost rights of way. Ramblers CO has a 2026 Project Team working on this - click HERE for more information.

Members are encouraged to consider volunteering some of their time to get involved with the project and perhaps undertake some local research and investigation. If interested or seeking advice, contact John Harland of Ryedale Group for locations in York, Ryedale and Scarborough group areas or, Tony Corrigan of Pocklington Group for locations in the East Riding of Yorkshire area.

A recent interesting article in the Guardian newspaper highlights some excellent work by a Ramblers member. Click HERE to read it.

English Coast Path

20170401 141652Way mark posts on the coastal sections of the Cleveland Way now indicate it is part of 'The English Coast Path'